Cedarville Cattle Drive

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Image of cattle drive proceeding through the middle of a small town street.

I was on a scouting trip to the northeast corner of California, checking out the Warner Range and other recording opportunities.  I was in Cedarville having a greasy breakfast a a local joint which had a little buzz going that morning, it wasn’t just the coffee.  I found out that one of the large ranches was transporting  200-300 head of cattle to their Summer grazing grounds up in the mountains.  This involved a cattle drive through the middle of downtown.  Since by the time I got out of breakfast the herd was fast approaching, I pulled out the microphones and this is what I heard:

As I continued exploring the area I had several other opportunities to drive through the same cattle swarm.  Good thing I wasn’t in a hurry.

MS, Schoeps MK21, SD 744t Creative Commons License

Prettyboy Project Recordings

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

recording location photo forest image

In 2008 I created a recording series called the Prettyboy Project.  Over a series of several months I recorded near the Prettyboy Reservoir in Baltimore County, US.  I posted recordings “as is”, with little or no editing to explore the progress of  the spring soundscape in one location.  Planes, cars, and other “noise” will all be in there along with the seasonally evolving natural soundscape of the location.  The Prettyboy Project has been completed as I no longer live near the recording site but please visit and enjoy the progression of the spring.